48 4k Mountains…

The summit view from Mt. Tecumseh

Hello from Mt. Tecumseh

This past weekend I started off on yet another monumental journey. There are 48 4,000+ foot mountains in New Hampshire, and I’m going to hike all of them. I’ve never really done any hiking, apart from small outings during my school years, so undertaking the 4k mountains would be daunting and possibly dangerous for someone as inexperienced as me. However, with the assistance of my good friend Ethan Banks, who is a long time hiker and has done all 48 nearly three times through, my noobishness shouldn’t impair me too drastically.

There were two primary reasons Tecumseh was chosen as my first 4k:

  1. A test of my cardio level and ability to keep pace with Ethan
  2. To determine what gear I need to start this in earnest

Tecumseh is pretty easy for a 4k, but it’s still a 4k, so it was a good test run.

It turns out I was able to keep pace with Ethan over the 6.01 miles without much difficulty, which I owe to my year of training in Taekwondo.

As for gear, I knew I needed some gear, but this did exactly what Ethan expected and helped me make an immediate purchase priority list.

New shoes were a must, but I knew that beforehand. I picked up some Merrell Moab Fst for cheap, they have outstanding reviews, so why not. I sweat, like, a lot, so wicking headbands (to keep the sweat from dripping onto my glasses) and shirts, check. Convertible nylon pants/shorts, check. Thin wool socks, check.

Our next hike is scheduled, and I can’t wait. It’s more than double the distance, but I’m confident I can handle it and the new gear should only make it more enjoyable!

Here’s to the next 47!


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