Citizens of Tech #2 – Electric Space Trains

Citizens of Tech is a show about all things interesting to technology aficionados — not just gadgets. Gaming, science, energy, minimalism, cord cutting, financial independence, etc. We figure that if it’s interesting to us, it will be interesting to you.

This is show #2 in this grand experiment, incubating in the Packet Pushers Community Podcast channel. We’ll run it up to 10 shows or so, and give the show its own channel if we think Citizens has an audience. We saw over 4K downloads of the very first show with some good feedback, so thanks for that! Please keep telling us what’s good, bad, and ugly about the show. We’ll improve. We’re figuring this out as we go.

Citizens of Tech runs in 3 segments. The present (news of the day), the past (our ode to historical awesomeness) and the future (new first world problems on the way).

Please enjoy show #2!

With faces made for podcasting, your hosts…

Eric Sutphen @zutfen

Ethan Banks @ecbanks

Citizens of Tech Twitter Feed: @citizensoftech


Hubble 25th Anniversary

Google Fi

Project 1999 endorsed by Daybreak Games –

Microsoft Universal Bluetooth Folding Keyboard –

US Defense Secretary: Snowden Caused Tensions With Techies –


What’s On PRIME Now? –

How to Reduce VR Sickness? Just Add a Virtual Nose –


Trains – Efficient transit for goods and people


Tesla PowerWall –

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