Electric Vehicle Sales Are Up. Way up. 

Gas prices are lower than they have been for well over a decade. The last time I saw sub-$2-per-gallon I could barely grow a beard. My how times change.

Traditionally,  when gas prices slump,  hybrid and EV sales slump accordingly. This year gas prices are down around 15% compared to last year,  however EV sales are up ~40% compared to this time last year. In fact,  with 3 months left in the calendar year,  nearly as many electric cars have already been sold as in all of 2015.

As a freshly minted EV enthusiast,  I think the stigma of EV ownership is wearing off,  and once people test drive they experience what it’s like to drive one,  and they’re sold. So what is that experience that I’m talking about? It’s summed up in one word: smooth.

Acceleration is smooth, deceleration is smooth,  it’s quiet and peaceful,  and the torque,  ye gods, the torque. My Volt has 294 lb-ft  of torque on tap at any moment I want or need it (that’s more than a WRX). There’s also no lag between putting your foot down and surging forward,  like there is with a gas or deisel powered car.

As a driving enthusiast,  the efficiency and ecological benefits are bonuses that come along with the aforementioned delights. Even if I drive my Volt comparatively hard,  I still have never gotten less than 115MPGe on a trip.

At the end of 3+ months and after 3,700 miles,  I’ve used 4 gallons of gasoline,  and that was almost exclusively in the first 2 weeks,  as I didn’t have access to a charger while at work.

My car has been to a gas station one time.  For a car wash.

All this and the Volt remains the best car I have ever owned.

This is why EVs are surging even though gasoline is currently the cheapest it’s been since my hair was much further forward on my forehead.

I’m an EV convert,  and don’t forsee buying any other kind of car again.  The market is poised to explode with the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3,  and it should only become more and more normal to drive an “electron muncher”  as time passes.

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