Fort Mountain and Odiorne Pond – Hike Date: 4/21/2018

Northern view from Ft. Mountain
A view of the Belknaps and even the Presidentials

Fort Mountain – Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spring has finally decided to arrive in the Southern and Central regions of New Hampshire; it’s time to get outside without parkas! The 4Ks are still a little too entrenched-in-winter for for my taste, having had my fill of winter over the past 6 months or so. With a forecast of 60 degrees this past Saturday, it was definitely a day to be outside and not wear a jacket and start getting the legs accustomed to pumping up some elevation, so we headed to Fort Mountain in Deerfield/Epsom, it’s a small hike at 1413′ (658′ vertical gain), and relatively short at around a mile.

It was really nice to be outside and get some elevation under foot, even with relatively short miles and elevations. From Fort Mountain we were able to see north to the Belknaps and even the snow-capped Presidentials, notably Washington and Lafayette, according to PeakFinder.

Odiorne Pond Excursion

Once we had finished at Fort Mountain, we decided to pop over to Odiorne Pond on the other side of town, which I had spent many hours in and around in my youth. It was pleasantly surprising to find that there was a mailbox posted at the primary trail junction with maps and a logbook to sign. Someone has put considerable effort into maintaining the trails here which was very much appreciated. The total distance around the trails is relatively short, I’d wager somewhere around 3 miles, give or take. It’s a pleasant ramble through the woods during which we saw ducks on the pond, chipmunks, squirrels, and lots of sign of deer, coyote and other mammals. There were several stream crossings and lots of mud, but generally it was easily navigable.

It was a lovely warm day out on the trails and it served to whet our appetite for more hiking in the near future. As the weather continues to warm up and snow melts off, I imagine we’ll start moving to 2 and 3Ks in the next few weeks, with 4Ks starting in May and June.

Back in Action:

As usual, I’ll be recording hike information here as they occur and as time allows, as I find it useful for cataloguing my progress in regard to physical improvement and my completion percentage on the 48 4Ks, 52WAV, and NE67 as well new gear, lessons learned, etc.

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