Hikes in July 2018 – NH48 #s 23-26

#23 – Mt. Moosilauke (2018-07-14)

A beautiful hike on a not so beautiful day (as detailed here)- I will most definitely be returning to this peak on a blue-bird day.

#24 Mt. Whiteface & #25 Mt. Passaconaway

This was an interesting day out in the woods. I didn’t crush the mountains, but they didn’t crush me, either. This hike was done completely fueled by ketogenesis, which revealed my cardio as the weak link in my fitness chain. (Not that I was surprised by that). It was interesting to not be able to “rob Peter to pay Paul” with the anaerobic cycle. I had to keep my heart rate at a reasonable level to have sufficient energy.

It was a warm day and I tore through a lot of water, bringing 3 liters and resupplying a couple of times – a total of 4.5-5 liters, if my math is accurate.

An absolutely gorgeous day out.


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