Linux Certification

I’ve spent most of my career attending the “University of OJT”. Oh I’ve taken some Cisco classes, some programming classes, and the like; but the majority of my education has been “learn it as you need it”.

Today I began studying for the first Certification that I’ve ever embarked upon just because I want to flat out understand something better. I’m speaking about the LPIC-101 and LPIC-102, which passing the test for also qualifies you for CompTia Linux+ certification.

I’ve been a Linux user in some capacity for around 20 years now. I originally got started thanks to a friend in high school who had *some* flavor of Linux installed as a dual-boot on his Gateway 2000 with Windows 95. Through this friend I learned my first bits of info about Linux such as LILO is a boot loader, there’s a kernel, the GUI is horrible (back then it really was). I was amazed to see a different file structure, the way drivers functioned, and how you could compile your own software. The fact that he downloaded this operating system from the internet for free blew my mind.

From then on I was interested in the open source world. The first book my wife ever got me back when we were dating was “The Red Hat Linux Bible” and it really got me started on the path to understanding the fundamental differences between Linux and the other operating systems I’d been accustomed to. I started taking my first fledgeling steps into the waters of GNU/Linux all on my own.

Nowadays I have a laptop, a desktop, several personal servers, and have been responsible for production web servers and a Backup-as-a-Service environement running on top of Linux. I have not, however ever reached the same level of comfort and confidence I have administering a Windows environment. I suppose I’ve been subject to a lot of “silo-ing” in my professional life where Microsoft products have been the focus, so I went with the tide.

I still am mostly surrounded by Windows in my 9-5 job, but I have made a personal decision to make good on my goal of reaching technical knowledge parity when it comes to my GNU/Linux and Microsoft worlds.

In days to come I’m sure I’ll detail this in more depth. Along the way, I hope to be able to share some helpful information that may solve some issue someone else is having. I know I have been the grateful recipient of assistance from random blog posts out on the internet on many an occasion.

So if you know any good resources that I or the community at large may benefit from, please do pass them along!

Have you walked this path before? Feel free to share your advice if so!

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