Linux Kernel 4.0 – Released to the wild hillsides by Linus Torvalds!

Linux Kernel 4.0 is here!

Let there be singing and dancing in the street. Bring out the finest meats and cheeses! Let there be silly polls with options like “Hurr durr I’ma sheep”!

Here is the release announcement on the Linux Kernel Mailing List.

Seriously folks, Linus Torvalds decided the version number via a G+ poll. The options were “I like big versions, and I cannot lie” to make it 3.20 and “v4.0 ’cause I get confused easily”, with 4.0 winning with 56% of the vote. With a total vote tally of 29,110, the point spread was only about 3,200.

All that aside, this really is not a major change to the Linux kernel, overall. There were a few updates to some of the memory handling, but nothing else to speak of really. Linus indicated:

But nobody should notice. Because moving to 4.0 does *not* mean that
we somehow changed what people see. It’s all just more of the same,
just with smaller numbers so that I can do releases without having to
take off my socks again.

The Linux Kernel 4.0 is currently in the RC1 stage, and is available for download and testing from GIT. Funnily enough if you look at the code you can see that 3.19 was “Diseased Newt” and 4.0 is “Hurr durr I’ma sheep” – the guy certainly has a sense of humor!

Linux Kernel 4.0 hurr durr imasheep
All hail Linux Kernel 4.0!!!


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