LibreOffice 4.4 Reviewed – As good as claimed?

LibreOffice 4.4 – The next great Office Suite? LibreOffice 4.4 has just been released. The developers have claimed it to be “The most beautiful LibreOffice ever.” Does it stand up to the large claims the development team have made? Let’s take a look. Isn’t “beautiful” just hyperbole? As someone who […]

Ouya gets a boost from Alibaba

Back in 2012 Julie Uhrman founded what would become Ouya. I remember the Kickstarter campaign because it was wildly successful, drawing the third highest sum in Kickstarter history at $8.5 million. The Ouya is an Android based “microconsole” that is actually good value for money at just $99. The concept […]

windows 10 logo

Windows 10 Review – Build 9926

Q. Why did Microsoft name the next version of Windows “Windows 10”? A. Because 7, 8, 9. Get it? Seven ate……9…. I’m so very sorry. Okay so here we are, testing out Windows 10 build 9926. I had a dedicated machine set up for Windows 10 at one point, but […]

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Amazon WorkMail: Compelling Enough to Use?

  Chances are, if you subscribe to any major tech newsletters, you’ve most likely heard about Amazon WorkMail by now. It’s big enough news that it’s made headlines even in non-technical publications and news outlets. We aren’t breaking any news here today, but I think it’s a good idea to […]

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Linux Certification

I’ve spent most of my career attending the “University of OJT”. Oh I’ve taken some Cisco classes, some programming classes, and the like; but the majority of my education has been “learn it as you need it”. Today I began studying for the first Certification that I’ve ever embarked upon […]

Ghost Security Flaw – Critical

News has broken about a serious security flaw used in many major Linux distributions. Security research firm Qualys has discovered a security flaw in the Linux GNU C Library, glibc. The flaw has been dubbed “GHOST” and is detailed as follows CVE-2015-0235. This exploit allows remote code execution in certain […]