asteroid exploding
Today, we have pirated science, cinnamon vaping, nuking asteroids, disintegrating ice shelves, the end of Moore’s law, along with Today I Learned. And a new feature, Tech I Bought. ETHAN: Remember the ridiculous song, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? There’s more to it than just silliness. Wikipedia tells us more. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a song […]

Podcast Episode 027 – Pirate Asteroid Vaping

Citizens of Tech Podcast
PAST Unveiling the Titanosaur, which may be the world’s largest dinosaur A monster fossil was discovered. Femur the size of your sofa. “The find itself made news when images came out of paleontologist Diego Pol lying on the femur of the skeleton, which is roughly the size of a […]

Podcast Episode 025 – Dieselpunk Cellophane Titanosaur

Google Apps iPhone Contacts Woes (or how I learned to love O365…again) I recently returned to an organization I previously worked at. At that time we were an Exchange shop. Microsoft Exchange is pretty much the de facto standard for corporate email. Upon returning to said organization I discovered I was inheriting Google […]

Google Apps iPhone Contacts Woes

PHP 7 Logo 6
PHP 7 – Speed of lightning? WordPress is a beast. Most people who have gotten into the weeds of performance tuning WordPress will be all too familiar with this statement. PHP 5.6 helped, as did WordPress 4.4. There are numerous ways to speed up your WordPress site, to include caching […]

PHP 7 vs PHP5 Speed Showdown

Citizens of Tech Podcast #023 – Genetic Cassette Emulation Past ‘OpenEmu’ for OS X Now Supports Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1 and More Eric loves emulators. OpenEmu is for OS X. Big upgrade. “Free Mac OS X multi-platform retro video game emulator, has received a substantial upgrade” Version 2.0.1 adds […]

Podcast Episode 23

Topics in this week’s Citizens of Tech Podcast: The CoT holiday gift guide, the failing Mac app store, Thunderbird ain’t no phoenix, rockets land in real life just like in cartoons, a little bit of Today I Learned and more! [audio] Podcast Show notes: Present Citizens of Tech Nerdy Gift […]

Citizens of Tech Podcast Episode 19

PS4 performance getting cranked to 11… err 7, whatever. Both the Ps4 and Xbox One use 8-core AMD CPUs, both of which until recently utilized 6 cores for game resources and 2 cores for operating system workloads. The issue for Microsoft was that the Xbox One was lagging behind the PS4 […]

PS4 7th Core Unlock, 7 is more than 6!

Phinigel Autropos
Phinigel, our… savior? So back in August I wrote an article about the possible non-boxing EQ progression server, and the hope I had about such a server. Well, it’s officially official now: Phinigel is upon us! The new server, will become available in just a few short weeks, on December […]

Phinigel – No Box For You!

Galaxy S6
The Galaxy S6… arrived in a slick little box with a slick little user experience. Samsung has made efforts to ensure this feels like a premium product, and overall they succeed. I will concede that it’s certainly not the same level of un-boxing experience that Apple has achieved, but it’s […]

Galaxy S6 – My thoughts so far

For those not already acquainted, my buddy Ethan Banks and I have a regular podcast that we produce on a mostly weekly schedule: Citizens of Tech. Citizens of Tech is a podcast for tech enthusiasts, by tech enthusiasts. Topics range from the latest gadgetry and the newest developments in alternative energy to […]

Citizens of Tech – Relaunches on a new platform

Azure Logo 5
Azure Performance Woes In recent weeks I’ve been experimenting with Microsoft Azure as a migration path for a workload that has been rapidly expanding. This particular workload is a .NET / MS SQL web application that has hefty back end SQL queries and some pretty advanced UI/UX coding. Optimization – […]

Azure Performance Sucks

EverQuest Progression History Back in May of this year (2015) I did something I hadn’t done in a decade: subscribed to EverQuest. The Ragefire server was built as a Time Locked Progression Server. The quick and dirty on what the hell that means is this: A progression server is one […]

EverQuest Non-Boxing Progression Server