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OMG Podcast!

Quick update today in which I am plugging my new podcast, “Citizens of Tech”!

Click Here to give it a listen!

Citizens of Tech is an experimental podcast about technology and other things interesting to techies. We know there’s other podcasts in this space, but it’s something we really wanted to do, so we thought we’d give it a try.

Who’s “we”? Well, we is me and my good friend, Ethan Banks. We’ve known each other for years, once worked together at the same company, and still happen to live nearby. We’re also unstoppable nerds. So hey — why not give this thing a shot? We figure lots of you that are into networking are probably into tech as well, so what better audience to gather feedback from than the Packet Pushers community?

The format of the show is in three segments: present, past, and future. Also, we’ve already instantiated a Deathwatch we’ll update regularly. Because some tech sucks.

We hope you like show number one. Here’s what we went on about.


Coin, the one credit card.

Disney’s 3D printer that makes huggable things.

DIY Raspberry Pi laptop.

Google’s QUIC protocol.

Why knuckles crack, as revealed by an MRI and a man named Fryer.

We looked at 100K galaxies, but found no sign of alien life.

Deathwatch: Tidal.


Our ode to the sweet, sweet Commodore 64. I think I’m going to cry…tearing up…have to go now.  <sob>

Podcast - Commodore 64 Screenshot


Kraftwerk powercell – charge your USB devices with butane.

Podcast - Butane USB Charger

Feel free to leave feedback, we’re in the process of prepping episode 2 now – if it is well received we anticipate making this at least a weekly show. For now it is being featured on the Packet Pushers community feed, but if it catches on we will obviously separate it into its own exclusive feed as well!

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