Ragefire Progression Server: Fumble and Bumble

EverQuest’s New Ragefire Progression Server Debacle

Ragefire dead

For the first time in proximately 10 years I have an active EverQuest subscription. The new Ragefire progression server is the reason for that – it has many appealing characteristics like minimum time to unlocking expansions and other “oldish school” features that I find appealing.

After beta testing it for a week I was ready to play live when it launched. Mind you I only beta tested for a week because that was the entirety of the beta period… annnnnnd I think we know why the launch hasn’t gone as intended.

Here’s a rough timeline of events.

Wednesday May 20th – the servers came up 30 minutes earlier than expected – nice! Within minutes people started noticing level 50 characters with full high-end gear – apparently a bug with the “Heroic” characters that you can unlock.

Server is brought down for level 50s to be removed.

Server is brought up.

Still level 50s; server is brought down again.

Server is brought up for a small number of players, still issues with it.

Server is taken down and wiped… and that’s where we’re at currently.

Honestly I won’t rehash the entire deal because Keen over at http://www.keenandgraev.com  detailed it much better, as he was around to document all the shenanigans. You can read all about that here.

It’s been an interesting ride thus far, without being able to log in… I’m sure things will be ironed out soon – but I sort of regret resubbing before the launch was a confirmed success at this point.

Oh well, that’s the way things go!

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