Rule #1: Cardio

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My cardio, My cardio, why hast thou forsaken me?!

If you’ve read any of my more recent posts about my hikes, you’ll notice a recurring theme: my cardio has slipped since I started doing the NH48. Keeping up with Ethan, who has only improved his cardio since then has proven difficult on most of our outings.

Those are the ugly facts. I’ve decided to do a few things to get back on track:

  1. Put on more miles, as many as possible, every day when I can help it – and keeping my heart-rate up in the 95-160 range the entire time.
  2. Drop more weight – I got complacent about my weight loss and I am now buckling down to continue to drop weight. How?
    • I did a 3 day water fast to kick off a transition back to a Ketogenic diet – sort of pressing “reset” on my metabolism
    • Keto – I’m now in day 5 of keto and I keep finding myself asking “Why did I stop this, again?” (the answer to which is “Oh yeah, beer, duh.”)
    • In these 5 days I am down nearly 9lbs, the bulk of which is water weight and, I suspect, visceral fat.
    • I’m not ravenous, even though I’m doing Intermittent Fasting, eating only between the hours of noon and 6pm.
    • My blood sugar is more or less level all day every day, since there are nearly no carbohydrates to spike it.
  3. Focus on my core conditioning again – In addition to cardio, Taekwondo filled this role for me, too.
    • Planks, push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, mountain-climbers, all the things you love to hate to do.

I’ve also begun looking into resuming martial arts of some sort, as the structure really helps me stay focused.

How’s it going?

As previously stated, this week I’m down about 9lbs (4Kg).

I have a 1.7 mile (~250′ elevation gain) loop that I have been doing around my neighborhood, I went from an average pace of 3.7mph to 4.2mph over the course of the week, we’ll see if that progress continues at that rate or not.

Hopefully I’ll have more progress to report in the near future, as I continue to track metrics.

Ultimately this will only serve to help me on my quest to bag all 48 of the NH48, which is the current goal of goals. My short term goal is to be in as strong a condition as possible for my trip to Utah and Arizona at the end of September. There’s lots to see and lots of backpacking to do in order to accomplish it all!

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