The more things change, the more they stay the same. Pattern recognition is one of the defining traits of the human race. It’s one of the primary reasons we’ve evolved into the apex predators of our planet. (A little light reading on the subject.) Even the name “Homo Sapiens” means, […]

Changes, changes everywhere.

Just a quick note to hopefully help someone else out in the future.  I was attempting a fresh install of Yosemite on an old MacBook Pro that hadn’t been turned on or even charged for quite some time.  I couldn’t get past the system eligibility check.  It turns out if […]

Macbook OS X Yosemite Installation Error 

Chevy Bolt - Electric Vehicles
Gas prices are lower than they have been for well over a decade. The last time I saw sub-$2-per-gallon I could barely grow a beard. My how times change. Traditionally,  when gas prices slump,  hybrid and EV sales slump accordingly. This year gas prices are down around 15% compared to […]

Electric Vehicle Sales Are Up. Way up. 

2017 Chevy Volt
My New 2017 Chevy Volt (or I am Jack’s Electric Car Obsession) I’ve always wanted an electric car. When I say always, I mean since well before I could drive, so we’re talking the late 80s. This obsession began thanks to my fascination with electricity and specifically solar electricity, which […]

2017 Chevy Volt – Initial Thoughts

Impossible Burger
Impossible Burger: Meatless Burgers As Good As The Real Thing!? In doing some research for a recent episode of the Citizens of Tech Podcast which I co-host with Ethan Banks I came upon a project / product called the Impossible Burger that really piqued my interest. Here’s the quick and […]

Impossible Burger – The Vegie-Burger For Carnivores

Lenovo Accelerator Flaw - ThinkPads
Lenovo Accelerator Vulnerable to Man in the Middle Attack As if the previous security woes with SuperFish and “Solution Center“, weren’t enough for Lenovo, now they are advising users of their “Lenovo Accelerator” application to remove it immediately. The software comes pre-loaded on dozens of models, including the Yoga series, which […]

Lenovo Accelerator Security Flaw

Lucida Sirius HAL
Lucida: The Truly Personal Assistant About a year back I wrote a small bit about Sirius, the open source intelligent personal assistant. The Sirius project has evolved and undergone a name change to Lucida, no doubt due to the extreme similarity to the name of a certain fruit-based company’s personal […]

Lucida AI – New Name, Same Game

 The NVIDIA GTX 1070 specs are official The numbers are in and they’re impressive. NVIDIA is throwing down a ridiculous amount of power per watt with the latest iteration of GPUs, and the GTX 1070 is no exception. The GTX 1070 shares the same base GPU core as the beefier […]

NVIDIA GTX 1070 – The new mainstream GPU?

Welcome to Citizens of Tech, your dose of science, gaming, and general nerdery. Ethan Banks and Eric Sutphen are your hosts. And you can find all of our shows at In today’s show, a new scifi virtual world, traveling to Alpha Centauri, virtual reality, thinking about thinking, and more […]

Procedural Metacognitive VR – Podcast Episode 30

Content I Like
Content I Like So I’ve decided to add a new section to the site entitled “Content I Like” – this may be websites, books, movies, or even hardware from time to time. The goal here is two fold: I’m willing to bet that you, dear reader will like content and […]

New Section – Content I Like

It’s official: EverQuest Next is Dead Rumors of its demise were said to have been greatly exaggerated, but EverQuest Next is officially dead. When I proclaimed here a year ago that EverQuest Next was dead (at least as we knew it, if not in fact) it drew the ire of many. […]

EverQuest Next is Dead – Officially

No cursor when streaming from your Windows 10 Steam box? I ran into this issue the other day. I recently moved to a completely headless gaming PC, streaming my games to my 1080p laptop from my Windows 10 gaming rig. It had actually been a while since I had re-purposed […]

No Cursor in Steam In-Home Streaming