Panoramic View of Fort Mountain

Fort Mountain and Odiorne Pond – Hike Date: 4/21/2018

Fort Mountain – Saturday, April 21, 2018 Spring has finally decided to arrive in the Southern and Central regions of New Hampshire; it’s time to get outside without parkas! The 4Ks are still a little too entrenched-in-winter for for my taste, having had my fill of winter over the past […]

An Outing in the Belknaps 11-10-2017

The Belknap Range In preparation for multiple outings over the Veteran’s Day weekend, Ethan and I settled on doing a single shorter hike on Friday in preparation for a more intensive hike on Saturday. The weather had other ideas for us this weekend, however. With temps topping out in the […]

Hancock Summit Picture

Hancock, South Hancock & Trail Maintenance

Hancock & South Hancock – November 4, 2017 We jumped into the Subaru (of course it’s a Subaru, Ethan only owns Subarus) and took off from home around 0545, arriving at the Hancock Notch trailhead just before 0700. We were all a little punchy this morning and there was plenty […]

Mt Avalon peak view

Mt. Tom, Field, Willey and Avalon

Tom, Field, Willey & Avalon This week was a chance to more than double my number of 4Ks. That sounds impressive, but is essentially marketing fluff, since I only had two 4Ks under my belt. To this point I had grabbed, Tecumseh and Isolation. Ethan and I had planned on […]

Mt Isolation Peak View

Mt Isolation – Slogging Away for 14.5 Miles

Mt. Isolation wants to be left alone I had had no real trouble during the Mt. Tecumseh climb the previous weekend, so Ethan planned a trip for bagging Mt. Isolation this weekend. It was his last peak to bag for his second time through the 48 4K list and I […]

The summit view from Mt. Tecumseh

48 4k Mountains…

Hello from Mt. Tecumseh This past weekend I started off on yet another monumental journey. There are 48 4,000+ foot mountains in New Hampshire, and I’m going to hike all of them. I’ve never really done any hiking, apart from small outings during my school years, so undertaking the 4k […]